R.O.O.T. Project

Restoring our oceans together.

A special TSI program designed to enhance the lives of Individuals with disabilities thru scuba giving them a new mission in life– Coral Reef Rehabilitation.  TSI collaborates with ocean conservation organizations promoting coral reef restoration to fulfill two major objectives, restoring lives and the blue planet. If not already certified, participants will first undergo training to become certified divers and will then take a PADI certification course to learn about ocean conservation and the importance of coral reefs.  Afterwards they will attend clinics for further training in coral ecology and restoration, before they embark on dives to maintain man-made coral nurseries and perform coral out-planting to rehabilitate damaged reefs. A therapeutic experience for everybody and our planet. ROOT empowers adaptive divers to explore the world beyond their wheelchairs or the limits of their disabilities, they’re not just restoring corals to the ocean floor; they’re restoring a level of freedom to their lives.

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