Program Overview

Adaptive Diving For Allied Professional Therapists

Therapeutic SCUBA Institute (TSI) is now offering a very unique educational and scuba training program named (ADAPT) Adaptive Diving for Allied Professional Therapists.The objectives of A.D.A.P.T are to educate healthcare professionals regarding the holistic health benefits of adaptive scuba, while they learn how to scuba dive and experience the therapeutic benefits firsthand, and then receive further specialized training on how to provide assistance to adaptive divers.  All participants will experience the beauty, serenity, gravity free, healing powers of the underwater world, and will learn how such an experience can have a  therapeutic and potentially  transformative impact  for individuals with disabilities.

Restoration Projects

R.O.O.T. is special TSI program designed around new mission for adaptive scuba – Coral Reef Rehabilitation.  TSI collaborates with ocean conservation organizations promoting coral reef restoration to fulfill two major objectives, restoring lives and the blue planet.

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Camp Open S.E.A.S. was previously a program of TSI, and has now spun out into its own stand-alone effort. Camp Open S.E.A.S. is an annual summer camp for children with disabilities, also has a keen emphasis on marine science and ocean conservation education.

Academic Programs - Modality Labs, Internships, and Research

Recognizing adaptive scuba and its holistic therapeutic benefits, TSI provides various academic curriculum, including university level courses, designed to educate professional and recreational divers, therapist and therapy students regarding adaptive scuba principals, protocols and science.Participants will learn about the various standards and best practices followed by the adaptive scuba community. Students will also learn about different disabilities, how to assess the special scuba needs of individuals with disabilities and how to plan dives so that everyone can have a safe, therapeutic and enjoyable dive. In addition, TSI facilitates adaptive scuba training for college level therapy students from introductory level scuba to professional Adaptive Scuba Instructorship thru its strategic partners.  Students may also have an opportunity to participate in modality labs, internships, and evidence-based research to explore the health and wellness benefits of adaptive scuba while earning academic credits towards their college degree.

Family and Friends

TSI’s Family and Friends acts as a match making service which connects private adaptive scuba instructors with individuals with disabilities and their family members, or friends. Training together and forming your very own adaptive dive team is a very special thing.

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