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What We Are About:

The Therapeutic Scuba Institute (TSI) is on a mission to bring the adaptive scuba community together through training, education, scuba experiences, therapy and research. We support all adaptive scuba organizations and hope to serve as a resource platform providing meaningful information to this community. One of the goals of this website is to serve as a clearinghouse for information regarding:

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In addition to TSI’s programs—such as A.D.A.P.T., R.O.O.T., Family & Friends, and academic courses—we recognized there are several dedicated adaptive SCUBA organizations and training agencies that offer their own unique programs and events. Many of these organizations have event calendars offering wonderful opportunities for the disabled community to get involved with training, dive trips, scuba camps, etc. Having a master calendar would be very helpful to find an event right for you.  Many adaptive scuba instructors and support divers are eager to support such programming but their contact information is unknown. A registry providing such contact information will help organizations find qualified volunteers and/or staff for training, dive trips and scientific research.  Several adaptive scuba organizations have developed their own programs, protocols, and best practices to facilitate enjoyable and safe adaptive scuba although there are variations in their underlying philosophy and approach. How do you find the right one for you in your location? There are also many publications, new stories, research studies, as well as, companies whom offer adaptive equipment and services but not readily known.  In short, there is a vast amount of information and resources out there but no central library for such. We are attempting to address that need through this website.

TSI Programs--- A.D.A.P.T., R.O.O.T., Family & Friends, Academic Courses, & Scuba Training
Library --- articles, research studies, testimonials, news reporting, documented stories and video publications.
Adaptive Scuba Organizations --- offering their own specialized programs, training, D.S.E., dive trips for individuals with disabilities and support divers  throughout the country
Registry of Adaptive Scuba Instructors and Support Divers --- available to facilitate training, scuba experiences, and research
Master Calendar --- showing special adaptive scuba events sponsored by organizations throughout the country
Products and Services --- companies offering special products and services for adaptive scuba

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